Adsense is a wonderful tool for bloggers

Google AdSense – A Possible Business – Guide

AdSense can be your business too

I present below some things from my experience. I try to be concise, for an agreeable and punctual presentation

Why I chose Google AdSense? Why Google AdSense can be your business too?

#1. You can start it without interrupt your actual job;

#2. You can do it from the comfort of your home, without chiefs, even in pajamas!

#3. You can develop what you have better in you. You will find that you can  creative, that you can do what you want to do, because you can chose what you do and how;

#4. You will always have to improve something, to make tests, to face challenges, to learn useful things;

#5. And there are still much more…I am sure that, in time, you will discover what and you will complete this list;

#6. I forgot something:the earn It will come as normal, following your efforts. Where they come from and how? If some body access your website, he should be interested about the Google adsense ads which are inserted. He can  this ads and become a potential client for those who advertise on your site.

Shortly, Google adsense  will send you the money coming from people who advertisement  on your website. I convinced that you agree that the  earned by honest efforts can give you satisfaction, even spiritual. For this you need a project, strategy, you need  how I found something else;

#7. You can start it for free!

How to start?

#1. Join the AdSense program at

#2. Follow the instructions you will find there;

#3. If you already have a site you can enter with that website. If you don’t have one do it! Accept the challenge;

#4. Maybe you already have HTML experience (congratulations!). It will be easy for you. If not, you have a lot of variants. I stop at one of them: Google Sites.

Why Google Sites?


A. It’s free but also good for the beginners;

B. It is easily to use: you don’t need web program know ledge.

C. You must the approval for your request of participation at the Google AdSense ad program. It was an opinion that Google doesn’t accept websites like sub domains (and, .net, .info, etc.). Google accept sites creates with it’s help! Normally, a request is approved in a week. Mine was approved in less than 24 hours!

#5. Join your site at Google Analytics and WebMaster Tool;

#6. Insert Google ads (is very simple- with the option “monetize” from “more actions” which you find in the top right corner, followed by “manage site”);

#7. Promote your website and permanently take care of it  with completions

#8. Take care to always respect the terms and conditions from the registration in AdSense. Doing so, you enjoy beautiful and useful work and…good earn.

#9. Do not get discouraged. The beginning is always more difficult.

I’ll be honored if you will find this article useful and you will use it for the content of your website. My sing desire is to indicate the source of the post author and address.Thank you.


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